Farm-to-Table Culinary

Corporate Culinary Experiences

Fun, interactive, hands-on experiential cooking classes held at Phoenix urban farms for participants to learn a few simple plant-based culinary techniques and enjoy intuitively creating and eating food with their associates.

Arizona Farm-to-Table Seasonal Intuitive Culinary Experiences
In the Experience Nutrition farm-to-table Arizona culinary hands-on experiential cooking classes, held at Phoenix urban farms, such as The Farm at South Mountain, participants:

  • Learn a few simple plant-based culinary skills.
  • Intuitively create their dishes with local farmers produce.
  • Mindfully and beautifully plate culinary creations.
  • Enjoy eating with their community in the beauty of Arizona urban farms.
  • Learn food and nutrition education around key food topics, such as the anti inflammatory way of eating, whole food shopping, plant protein, good fats, whole grains.
  • Tour urban farm when event held at farms.

Classes vary seasonally with Arizona farmers locally grown produce. Popular workshops:

  • Beautiful Raw Salads
  • Cold Tomato Gazpacho Soup
  • Roots & Greens Veggie Sautés
  • Bamboo Steamer Veggies
  • Spiral Veggies and Cashew Pesto
  • Raw Vegan Culinary
  • Healthy Raw Vegan Desserts
  • Food Art: The Art of Plating

Intuitive Cooking at The Farm

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