Top 4 Tips to Eat & Cook Intuitively to Reach Your 2015 New Year Eating & Weight Goals

by Melanie Albert, Founder & CEO Experience Nutrition

Every year half of Americans make New Year Resolutions, with weight loss at the top of the list. This year in 2015, rather than going on a diet, eat and cook intuitively to naturally achieve your weight loss goals.

Intuitive Cooking Experience

Intuitive Cooking Experience: Shop at a Farmers Market

1. Shop at a farmers’ market and eat with the season. Eat based on what our Arizona farmers are growing. When you shop, use your intuition. Choose foods based on their beauty, colors and textures. You’ll be shopping mindfully, eating fresher food, and supporting our local farmers and economy.

2. Listen to your Body. Pay attention to when your body is hungry and when it’s full. Before you eat, pause and notice whether you’re feeling physical hunger, or eating based on emotions such as boredom, eating because it’s a certain time of day, or eating to be social. On the other side, pay attention to your body while eating and stop eating when you’re satisfied. Don’t wait until you’re stuffed to stop eating.

3. Cook Intuitively. Learn a few basic healthy recipes and cooking techniques (such as roasted, stir-fried, or steamed veggies) to enjoy preparing your meals. In the winter you may roast warming root vegetables with quinoa; and in the summer you may prefer refreshing steamed veggies and a salad.

4. Eat Mindfully. Take time to really enjoy eating. Plate your food beautifully. Notice the aromas, textures and colors of your meal. Sit at your dining room table to eat. Slow down and really taste the food you are eating.

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