by Melanie Albert, Nutrition expert & author, Founder & CEO, Experience Nutrition

How much organic do you eat?

How much organic do you eat?

I’ve been eating organic food for decades, way before it became trendy and in the news. In my mind it made intuitive sense to eliminate pesticides from my body. At times it was challenging to shop for organic food; I was shopping at very small co-ops which did not have a large organic variety. I’m glad that there are so many places to buy organic in Phoenix, where I live and that farmer’s markets, many which grow without pesticides and herbicides, have grown so much across our country. I love supporting local farmers and eating delicious, local, in-season produce.

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What does organic mean?

The important aspects of organic, as defined by the USDA National Organic Program are:

      No synthetic chemicals or fertilizers

      Not genetically engineered

      Not sterilized by irradiation

      Not fertilized by sewage sludge

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